Yakima Chief Hops BrewFest Frozen Fresh Hop Casks

Thursday 20 January 2022 •


Yakima Chief Hops merchants have teamed up with fantastic breweries Europe-wide to celebrate the new ability to brew mega fresh, hoppy beers with frozen fresh hops. The Queen’s Head pub is our choice boozer to showcase the cask beers, brewed with these innovative hop products. Over 4 days, company-wide, across 3 indie venues, we’ll have over 20 beers pouring from over 20 different breweries! We highly recommend you seek out the various, frozen fresh hop specials on your Thursday-Sunday. Kegs available at E2, cans available at N16 and you can get your cask beer fill down at the pub! Check our socials for details of the handful of limited casks on rotation over there. See other event listings for info on more BrewFest antics.