OG Verdant Showcase

Friday 13th October 2023 •

@ Mother Kelly's E2


Back at the very start of Verdant, Mother Kelly’s and specifically Bethnal Green were one of the first venues that bought the beer back when Verdant were in a shipping container in Falmouth. Way back then, they could only dream of being where they are now, which is brilliant to see. So, in celebration of how far we’ve all come over these years, and how well renowned Verdant is as brewery, we will to be an official venue for the Verdant OG Showcase Event 2023. 

The event will be a special night featuring the classics from the brewery, and we’d love for you join us for those! We’ll be playing the hits – Lightbulb, Headband, Bloom and Pulp – all on draft and also in the fridges. We’ll have other delicious brews from Verdant available to explore their latest creations too. It’s going to be fantastic so don’t miss out!

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