Mother Kelly’s Women in Business Live Stream

Thursday 11st March 2021 •

@ Live Stream


We really want to make sure that since this week was marked by/commenced with International Women’s Day as well as International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, and that we’ve always had a strong cohort of women in MK & higher management, that we do take a real moment for them and share that with you! We’re going to sit down, appreciate how long these great gals (looking at Ree & Naike but shouting out a few others also) have been with us, reflect on all that they do, hear about their work, what it means to them and champion what they bring to the business as individuals. This will be a super casual, intimate experience where you get to hear and see more from those who really keep the cogs of our business turning. Simply tune in on our Bethnal Green E2 Facebook as well as Youtube Channel.