Live Chat with Ruqsana Begum Pro Boxer

Monday 16th November 2020 •


We’re keeping the LIVE EVENTS coming but branching out to wider audiences! This time around, we’re focussed on an inspiring member of our Bethnal Green community, Ruqsana Begum. She’s a friend, local hero and kick-ass Professional Boxer. She’s released a book detailing her incredible story of becoming a world-class boxer and Muay Thai champion, and we’re thrilled to be able to chat to her about it. Ruqsana will be interviewed by our lovely Ree. Simply tune in live to our E2 Twitter or Facebook or MK Youtube on the day. The chat will be streamed from 6.30PM-7.00PM. We have a signed copy of Ruqsana’s book to give-away, listen in for details to win it, or grab a copy yourself from bookshops nationwide.