Free Orbit in store tasting

Saturday 25th November 2017 •

@ Mother Kelly's N16


 Join us from 3-5pm for our Orbit tasting event with a range of core and unreleased beers in bottle and on tap!

The guys from Orbit bring tidings of joy with AS YET UNRELEASED small batch seasonal stonkers and some favourites from their core range. Included in the line up…

WLS014 Rauchbier, Digger’s Series Stout (2017 vintage), Digger’s Series Cote d’or Burgundy Pinot Noir BA Stout (2016 vintage) and Digger’s Series Gyle 100 Second Anniversary Barley Wine.

Also available to buy will be Nico (bottle and draft), Neu (Altbier) and Peel (Belgian pale ale).