Thursday 26th October 2023 •

@ All Venues


Following the fun and beery goodness of Sour Power, our annual celebration of spontaneous, lambic and wild beer in the Summer, we’re bringing a new companywide festival to you. Bocktober! will be an exploration and showcase of the best dark and seasonal beers from all over the world. It’ll be hosted across all Mother Kelly’s taprooms (Bethnal Green, Stratford, Vauxhall and Tottenham) as well as at our sibling pub, The Queen’s Head.

Bocktober! will be held in the Autumn/Winter months which lends themselves to richer and bolder beers as well as many seasonal creations that come out of the brewhouse. The festival will run specifically from Thursday 26th right through to Sunday 29th October. All participating venues will be pouring several Bocktober! beers off their taps and on rotation. Those venues with fridges will be stocking a range of delicious cans and bottles too. Think milds, porters, stouts, old ales, doppelbocks, eisbocks, weizenbocks, barleywines and more! With the exception of our house stout, London Black, there won’t be any overlapping beers so there will be plenty to discover, drink and enjoy across the days and locations.

We’re really looking forward to it and hope to have you join us!