Yakima Chief Hops BrewFest Meet The Brewer

Thursday 20 January 2022 •

@ Mother Kelly's N16


As part of the Yakima Chief Hops Fresh Hops BrewFest to celebrate brewing with frozen fresh, US hops we’re extending the activities to our Stokey Bottleshop also! On the first day of the event (Thursday) we’ll be hosting an intimate, after-hours Meet The Brewer with Luke from YCH and Clare from Pressure Drop at N16. Spaces are limited, so book in with us! This gives us a chance to casually chat about what the event is about, the process of fresh hop brewing, and a chance to sample a range of fresh hop beers from participating breweries. The bottleshop will have several, special release, fresh hop cans to purchase on the night & over the BrewFest period. We’ll have over 20 beers available from over 20 different breweries across the venues, as part of the fresh hop fun!