About Us

Mother Kelly’s is an assortment of taprooms that specialise in offering delicious beer from the finest independent breweries.

Our beginnings were heavily inspired by New York’s standout taprooms, and we were founded to provide a relaxed, trusting atmosphere with multiple draught taps and ever-changing beers. Customers have the freedom to peruse the fridges and help themselves instead of peering over the bar. Drink-in or take-out, we ensure your at-home experience matches what our in-house, dedicated team has to offer. The design of our venues is simple and stripped back, no bells and whistles – we leave the beer and service to speak for themselves.

We began this venture at a time when London was just starting to catch the craft beer bug, and was ready to embrace this fresh take on what a bar could be. In April 2014 we opened the first Mother Kelly’s taproom in Bethnal Green. Over the last several years the Mother Kelly’s family has grown exponentially, but we remain true to our mission. We care about where our products come from, how they are made and the people who make them. It hasn’t taken long for our venues to become regular haunts for locals, tourists and friends from the beer industry alike. Each of our venues has its own unique charm and personality, but they all share a few things in common. An open, welcoming atmosphere, friendly teams who want to pour you something you will really enjoy and, of course, outstanding beer and other beverages. It is our aim to bring people together; to create community through kindness, inclusivity and incredible drink. Welcome to what we do! We so look forward to having you share a beer with us at Mother Kelly’s.